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Here you find our product overview

Kiln furniture

The kiln furniture of our programme of delivery conform to the highest quality standards. The temperature range we cover is going up to 1800 °C.

Product Qualities
  • Cordierit
  • Mullit
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Zirkon Oxide
  • SiC oxid bounded
  • SiC recristallized
  • SiC nitrid bounded
  • SiSiC
  • Plain batts - Perforated Batts - Extruded Multi Wall Batts
  • Supports
  • Saggars
  • Special Shapes
  • Sandwich Batts SiC / Aluminium Oxide
  • Special Parts to Customers Demand
Areas of application
Magnets / Ferrites
Technical ceramics
Sanitary ware
Powder metallurgy
China porcelain
Grinding wheels
Metal Hardening
Glass industry
Architectural ceramics


kiln car solutions

Complete kiln car solutions
energy saving and efficient

Energy saving:

The kiln car constructions are designed in a way to minimise the mass and space needed for kiln furniture. Hereby, the mass which has to be heated-up is also minimised. This results in a direct saving of energy, whereas all other factors like quantity of products to be fired stay constant

Great experience:

Our business partners deliver since decades kiln furniture to the ceramic industry. Our partners have developed complete kiln car constructions which are at the leading edge of the industry. The philosophy to offer the best value to the customer is the link between our partners and Heide GmbH.

Individual customer demands:

The kiln car constructions are designed due to the individual customer demands and are adjusted to the specific kiln. Both, new and existing designs are realised - for one or a whole range of kiln cars.

Efficient use:

The constructions are easy to handle and very efficient to use. With this new system the space for your products increases. A change of the kiln furniture setting can be realised easy and fast.


- Energy saving
- Effective
- Fast assembly
- Easy to handle
- Customer specific configuration
- Great experience
- High efficiency

Stock list

Large stock volume constantly available

We always have 3000 to 5000 pieces of kiln furniture on stock.
Extract of our product portfolio:



400 x 300 x 7 mm  
400 x 400 x 13 mm  
420 x 400 x 13 mm  
490 x 350 x 17 mm  
490 x 440 x 17 mm  
500 x 320 x 18 mm  
500 x 400 x 15 mm  
600 x 500 x 16 mm  
600 x 500 x 20 mm  
600 x 600 x 20 mm  
600 x 600 x 25 mm  
670 x 600 x 20 mm  
754 x 637 x 20 mm  
754 x 637 x 25 mm  
754 x 637 x 30 mm  

Extruded batts

 500 x 400 x 16 mm  
 600 x 500 x 18 mm   
 1220 x 610 x 38 mm  
1524 x 762 x 38 mm  

Stack supports

 45 / 20 mm   
 45 / 45 mm  

Circular batts

Ø 225 x 10 mm  
Ø 256 x 10 mm  
Ø 320 x 10 mm  
Ø 350 x 10 mm  
Ø 380 x 10 mm  
Ø 420 x 12 mm  
Ø 470 x 15 mm  
Ø 520 x 15 mm  
Ø 560 x 18 mm  

Perforated batts

600 x 400 x 17 mm  
700 x 500 x 20 mm  

Circular Stacks

 Ø 40/30 mm  
 Ø 43/20 mm  
 Ø 50/30 mm  
 Ø 63/40 mm  
 Ø 77/47 mm  


Additives for ceramic bodies and glazes - manufactured by BYK

Under the brand names Laponite®Bentolite® and Optigel® a full range of easy-dispersible high quality smectite products is available. These products are used as rheological additives and mineral binders e.g. in the ceramic industry. The outstanding features compared to conventional bentonites are the following:

By selective mining of white, low iron bentonites for the production of Optigel® and Bentolite®, a colouring of the final product is reduced to a minimum. Degree of whiteness: up to 82.

Laponite®-grades are synthetic hectorite products with exactly controlled composition and free bound, oxide, or metallic iron. On firing, Laponite® will be converted to high brightness oxides and give less glaze defects than natural smectites.

Optigel® and Laponite® products provide stable suspending properties in aqueous systems, even during long storage times.

All information in this publication is in accordance with the presence experience and knowledge. However, since we have no influence on the way in which the products are treated and used, we can not take any responsibility in this respect.

The user must assume responsibility himself for checking wether the products are suitable for the purpose and use proposed by him. All existing proprietary rights, laws and regualtions shall be observed. The information in this publication can not considerated as a guaranty. Due to the technical conditions in the production, the above mentioned information may vary.

Refractory products

Whether repair or new construction - we have the ideal refractory products for you.

Repair material for ceramic fibres

Repair material for ceramic fibres 1.150 - 1.750 °C


GLI plastic ceramic fibre material is a homogene, plastic material ready to be applied. It consists of ceramic fibres and anorganic binders. The temperatures of application of the available products range between 1.150 and 1.750 °C. The material is getting solid already after drying in the air.

The drying process can be accelerated by using temperatures of 120 - 150 °C. The drying time differs depending on the thickness of the coating between
2 - 35 hours. The ceramic setting happens at appr. 1.000 °C.


The application can be made with spatula, scraper or injection on a clean underground, free from grease. The adhesion can be ameliorated by moistening with water or a prime coat. It is also possible to use it on metals by means of supporting elements. The consistency of the material can be adjusted by the addition of water.

GLI plastic materials are used:

  • to fill hollow spaces
  • to fill shrinkage cracks
  • sealing cracks in kiln linings and fibre isolations
  • back isolation in kilns and ractors
  • hot repair of back isolations
  • isolation of tube connections and other exposed areas


  • cost savings by efficient application
  • quick, save and dust free
  • working conditions
  • optimal filling of all joints
  • no damaging of the surface of the modules
  • only short time of interuption of production in case of


Tiled stove

Large stock volume constantly available

We supply refractories to tiled-stove artisans as well as specialised traders and whole sale companies. We offer the whole product range of frequently needed materials ex-stock Hundsdorf.

Our product programme:

  •  Refractory bricks
  • Refractory batts
  • Accessories
  • Refractory lining for heating elements
  • Supporting batts
  • Hourdis batts
  • Adhesion mortar
  • Slip casting mortar
  • Refractory mortar
  • stovepipe
  • Calcium silicate batts


  • cost savings by efficient application
  • quick, save and dust free working conditions
  • optimal filling of all joints
  • no damaging of the surface of the modules
  • only short time of interuption 
  • of production in case of restorations

Filter Cloths

efficient – high-quality – durable

Important for the filtration quality and the required results is the operation of the optimal filter cloth in combination with the perfect execution. The here offered filter cloths are used in a variety of industries very successfully since decades.

  • Polypropylen
  • Polyethylen
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Rilsan
  • Trevira

Various designs:
  • Butterfly cloth
  • Drop-over cloth
  • Backing cloths
  • With welded rubber- or plastics membrane
  • Sewn
  • With Velcro-strip
  • With sealing edge
  • Special designs due to customer demand.
Efficient & Advantages

A high efficiency is achieved through an optimal filtration plus a long durability and plus the easy release of the filter cake. The patented filter cloth version with welded rubber or plastics membrane offers safety and optimal cleanliness at the inlet area.


  • Optimal filtration
  • Easy release of filter cake
  • Long durability
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Decades of experience
  • Efficient


Sponges and sponge belts
for highest demands.

We produce from foam and expanded rubber, what you need ...
Machine sponges

We offer machine sponges in every variety and size which is used in the ceramic industry. We offer the sponges due to customers individual specification e.g. in terms of material composition.


Sponges and sponge tools

We offer an extensive variety of sponges and sponge tools for all application. We can produce individually designed sponge products due to customer specification.


Sponge belts

Based on the huge portfolio of expanded rubber qualitites we can produce diverse sponge belts in different forms and sizes. Sponge belts are individually designed due to customer demands.


Sponges for glaze

The sponges are designed to clean the edges of the glaze on glazed ceramics. The belts are made of special rubber sponges in different densities or made of a textil flock



von Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd.

To develop the optimum properties of a ceramic product, the control and uniform application of heat work is essential. Bullers Rings and Bullers Discs are used to check the balance and consistency of firing conditions, either as independent monitoring devices on increasingly "High-Tech" kilns, or as an indispensable control on "Low-Tech" kilns. Potential quality problems are identified early in the process and recorded so that the results can be monitored and actioned. Bullers Rings and Bullers Discs are simple to use, accurate, consistent and cost effective.

Like the products being fired, Bullers Rings and Bullers Discs react to the effects of time and temperature, the combined effects of which produce a shrinkage in the ring. This controlled contraction can be accurately measured on a simple gauge to determine the heat treatment to which it has been subjected, and which is shown by a single number.
Bullers Rings and Bullers Discs can be used in all types of kiln, continuous or intermittent, providing a reliable measure of cosistency of firing.

Bullers Rings cover the following temperature range: 750 - 1420 °C
Bullers Discs cover the following temperature range: 770 - 1770 °C

» The most perfect method to measure the influence of the temperature during firing ceramic products. «


The pizza plates of our partner in France are made of high quality, controlled raw materials.

According to the test certificate of the Société Francaise Céramique and the Research Institute for Inorganic Materials Glass / Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen, the pizza plates are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Main interest is in the round plates with the diameters 320, 350 und 380 mm.

We offer this sizes:

  • Pizza-Plates - Cordierit - Ø 320 x 10 mm*
  • Pizzaplatten - Cordierit - Ø 350 x 10 mm*
  • Pizzaplatten - Cordierit - Ø 380 x 10 mm*

    *on request further dimensions are available

The pizza plates can also be delivered in the illustrated individual packaging (cardboard box with double-sided foam lining for dimensions Ø 320 mm - Ø 350 mm - Ø 380 mm).

The pizza plates can be delivered immediately from stock.



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