Additives for ceramic bodies and glazes - from Rockwood 

manufactured by BYK



Under the brand names Laponite®, Bentolite® and Optigel® a full range of easy-dispersible high quality smectite products is available. These products are used as rheological additives and mineral binders e.g. in the ceramic industry. The outstanding features compared to conventional bentonites are the following:

By selective mining of white, low iron bentonites for the production of Optigel® and Bentolite®, a colouring of the final product is reduced to a minimum. Degree of whiteness: up to 82.


Laponite®-grades are synthetic hectorite products with exactly controlled composition and free bound, oxide, or metallic iron. On firing, Laponite® will be converted to high brightness oxides and give less glaze defects than natural smectites.


Optigel® and Laponite® products provide stable suspending properties in aqueous systems, even during long storage times.


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